Make top-down racing

In Scirra’s Construct there is a “Car” behaviour, that functions almost like top-down movement, but with altered controls (throttle/brake instead of up and down movement) and drift physics. so it perfectly fits for a racing game.
As I can see, there is no such behaviour in GDevelop, but is it possible somehow to replicate it?

This might be of help to you

It’s a good example, but it lacks any kind of drift and car can rotate while stationary. The second problem is pretty easy to fix, but the first one (lack of drifting) is a huge bummer. However, thank you for your reply.
I hope there is some way to make it better.

You can probably use the Physics2 behaviour with the gravity being 0.

Could you please explain it in detail? I thought that the Psysics behaviour is only suitable for side-scroller type of games

Yes, the joints on the physics engine are better suited for side on physics games. But if you change the gravity to 0 (as @Muzan suggested), use multiple physics bodies to make up the car and play round with the rotational friction, you may be able to create something that’s fun.

You could look at programming it in a JavaScript event, using this car physics programming information.

Here is a very nice racing game template by another developer, which seems to have some advanced features like drifting and nitro boosting. You can download the file to start from there as a template: