Make video pause at a certain time

Hi everyone,

I’m a newbie to gdevelop. So there are a lot of function that I don’t know. Can anybody tell me how to make a video pause at a certain time?
Example: I have a 10second video and I want the video to be automatically paused when it’s on 6second after clicking play.
I have tried to make an event where I put “if video time is on 6s, then pause the video” , but it doesn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated :smiley:

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The easyest way to do that is with the timers
When the timer hit 6 second, you pause the video.

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I’ve tried this method too, it kinda work at the beginning but after I exported the app to android, there’s a little problem. When I open the app on
the phone and click play the video and after two second hit home buttom on the phone then wait like 10 seconds on the home screen and then switch back to the app , I find out that the video is paused even if the video haven’t reached the part where I wanted it to pause(in this case it’s the 6 second), because I think the timer didn’t stopped when I switched to home screen : (

Is there a way to make the video pause without creating a timer? Maybe like just use the time of the video.

Video are automatically paused when you change scene, you need restart it. think to pause the timer too and restart when you restart the video.

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OK thanks for the help :smiley: