Making 3d objects

what (online) program (free) is the best to use if i want to create 3d objects for games in gdevelop?

Do you mean online by in a browser? If so, use SketchUp. There is a free version that works really good. If you mean app, Blender is what most everybody would recomend.

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if i want to use sketchup i only have 7 days free.
is blender free or do i have to pay for thet too?

Blender is free and will do everything you want.
Potentially steep learning curve, depending on your history, but YouTube has everything you could possibly need.

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I just downloaded blender, I think it will work really well, but if i save the model it is saved as .Blend but for uploading 3d models to GDevelop I need a .GLB file so how do I make my .Blend file a .GLB file?

you need to “export” the object, not just save the file.

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thanks I already tought about that but I couldn’t find the export button, but now I looked another time and I found it :tada: