Making a arg game

Hello I need advice on how to make my game. I want the game to start off as a word search that sends a dark message. I want it to turn it into a rpg horror type where its glitching between two types of games one is sunny and happy and one dark how would i glitch this background or overlap.

Hi, How are you? I think that the broad idea of ​​how your game should work is something that you must define yourself, and it is essential that you know the advantages and limitations of this engine in order to carry out the ideas. Therefore, I recommend you start with tutorials and take a look at game showcase to evaluate technical ideas that Gdevelop has to be able to do it. Remember that it not only depends on an idea but also on the style of play, the graphic quality, the time you want to spend doing it, how familiar you are with other programs (drawing,making music, etc.) you want to use,.
I know that when you start the creation of a game it is difficult to build the first pillars, but you must build them based on many variables, without losing sight of the fact that many times the entire idea of ​​the game can be changed in the process.

I think you could probably effectively make the glitching type effect by enabling/disabling the use of the object “Effects” and some creative overlays. From what I am understanding (and I might have misunderstood) is you want it kind of a transition between the Word game part to the RPG horror, so I think this could be done with a little creative use of that mentioned above. There’s like an old film grain, and a bunch of others that would probably work well, maybe even make a couple sprite animations of glitching star like objects or something…