Making a Clan System (Clash of Clans, Rise of Kingdoms, ETC...)

While I’m not making a Clash of Clans type of game, I am making a game where you can join a “Clan” or make one. I have a pretty good idea that I would need to use Firebase for the chat but I’m not quite sure how one would be able to make a list and search bar for all existing clans with all their members that are in the clan, and how one would be able to join that clan so you can see the chat and use that chat.

If this is against the rules then my apologies but I am more than willing to pay for this kind of information as this does seem to be more of an expert level thing :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

In the Firebase example, you’ll find a scene “Firestore” which demonstrates a chat system.
You will have to use variables and conditions to define when the chat should display, and what posts it should display.
Store each clan name in a Firebase database, and you should be able to display the list as you like afterwards.

your idea sounds good but what you will do with the clash base layouts? can you share with us?