Making a Virtual pet simulator

Hello! Im new using Gdevelop and I have nothing of experience in this type of things so I have a lot of questions ^ ^ . . .

First of all, what I am trying to do is a “virtual pet” game

1- How to make an npc (the pet) say texts “randomly” (although it would also help me if the npc says a text after a few minutes or something like that)

2- how to make the npc (the pet) move around in a space like a room in a “random” way that also stops and moves again.

3- Make the npc (the pet) tell you a text when you re-enter the app

I know that I am asking a lot but even so I am very grateful to the one who answers me even if it is just one of the questions ^ ^ !! (Pd: sorry for my horrible english!)

Hi and welcome!
1- You need to define what exactly you want, how not-quite-random it should be. Then you can use a timer condition with random math function to trigger some text actions.
2- Same thing, use conditions to define how far it should move, and how often, and trigger pathfinding actions.
3- For this, you will use Storage actions to save and load the games and trigger text actions.

Good luck, and check out the wiki, it’s full of useful information :slight_smile:

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