Making an elevator

Hello everyone. I am participating in the Lowrez game jam, and I need this as quickly as possible. Sorry if I am rude, but can anyone tell me how to make an elevator.

I am using the Platformer behavior for my Player and Platform for my platforms. I was thinking of using tween for making an elevator but, it didn’t work out. The Player started glitching and unnecessary stuff started happening. Even tried using forces, but turns out, that’s an even more bad idea.

I want it something like @andriymtv did in this game. And again, if I am being rude, I am sorry.

It’s a known problem. Here’s a thread with a potential work around.

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Did you disable the platformer behavior during the tween?

No, I didn’t disable it

Try and tell us how it goes.

Just like using forces, shaking while moving but not while standing still. And if we move while going up, our player may go right through the platform.