Making Animations

I am new to making animations and I don’t really know how they work. I am struggling on trying to make this animation where a red laser smoothly travels out of an enemy ship and hits something. I would like to know how to make this animation I am making AND how to use animations overall.

Can you share what you’ve done so far? We can help you better if you show where you’re at and what you’ve done.

Aside from that, a laser traveling out of an enemy ship and hitting things will involve more than animations.

I haven’t really done much so far. All I did was add a red player ship to the game. And also a red lazer. I want the lazer to smoothly travel out of the ship.

Idk if you can do that with an animation.
If is just a shoot and a laser, you can create the object and then move it with a force. So it will create the effect of moving away.

Like the laser guns in the space shooter game tutorial. I recommend you to watch it.

Did you try to make any of the tutorials or attempt to understand any of the example projects? There is a cool space shooter example GDevelop 5 that also shows how to shoot lasers.