Making sprites repeat instead of stretching [SOLVED]

I was wondering if there is a way to make animated sprites repeat instead of stretching? It would just make things a lot easier if I didn’t have to place each individual animated tile. I’m adding quicksand to one of my games and it’s animated, but I don’t want to have to place a lot of quicksand tiles, so it would be nice if I could just drag it to repeat it like a tiled sprite but still have it animated.

No, not with a sprite object. But if you need to stretch it, why not create an event to replace the stretched sprite with enough unstretched sprites to fill it?

Sorry if this sounds dumb, but how would I create an event to replace the stretched sprite?

I would have a plain coloured tiled sprite and name it quicksand_placeholder. Place that in the editor and stretch is as needed (make it stretch across in multiples of the quicksand object’s width):

Then I would use these events:

To produce:


thanks! That definetly solves it.