Making Vacuum Suction Animation as a weapon

Howdy helpful people!

What I want:
-I made a character that has a vacuum. When I press the “Ralt” key I would like my “SuctionDust” Animation to spawn, then de spawn when “Ralt” key is released. I would also like the “SuctionDust” directly in front of the character. (The Character is 16x16 Pixels and the “SuctionDust” is also 16x16. So i would like the Dust to be directly adjacent to him. Furthermore, when the character turns around facing left, I want the “SuctionDust” animation to follow the direction he is facing. (Note: This is a Platformer game, so the character only go’s left and right).

-The enemies are wasps. I would like the wasps to be deleted from scene when they collide with “SuctionDust” (But only while the animation is playing.) Otherwise, the wasp will sting him and get hurt.

What I have Tired:
I am new to this program and searched the internet to help me discover the secret. I’ve tried many different behavior and action strategies. Alas, to no avail.

Screen Shots to help you understand
Screen Shot 7

Please let me know what you come up with.
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Alex. W

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It seems like you already have the suction dust lined up correctly with the character?

So I think you need to specify a


SuctionDust is in collision with enemy
Current frame of animation of SuctionDust is >1 (or whatever animation frame)

(or use Current name of animation if it’s a different animation name)


Delete Enemy

Thanks for the reply!

All I did was place the SuctionDust animation next to my Character in scene to help you understand the idea of what I want. It wasn’t actually spawned by an action key.

When I press a “Key” I would like the animation to spawn adjacent to him in the direction he is facing or traveling. That is where i struggle.

I can probably figure out the enemy thing, i just added that in my question so you can understand the full actions the SuctionDust must preform.


Ok got it, so basically it’s just placing a point on your character (say the tip of the gun) and placing another point on your suction dust (say near the first particle of dust) and then creating an action to spawn them on those points.

Go to the sprites and click “Edit Points”. Then create the points you need.

Here is a guide with the example edit points, code and pics: Asteroids [GDevelop wiki]

Hello Alex. I wanna help you about the particles and objects getting closer to the vacuum. First you want to make suction animation. I made something like this just before hours (coincidence) and want to share my knowledge :slight_smile: You can do it like this if you don’t want to use animation for dust.
1-Add extension “homing projectile”
2-Create 4x4 dust object (square maybe) (maybe even smaller)

I can send you an example gdevelop project if you want too. Hope this helps. Good luck :slight_smile:

Awesome thank you for the advice!

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I really appreciated it! Thank you!:blush:

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Hello again @kingwulfgar. I would love it if you could send me that game example. I’ve been using bits an pieces from both of you, however I cannot seem to link my dust to my character. I’ve decided I’m gonna use you code completely. Thanks again! - Whimwham

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Sorry for the very late reply. Hope you achieved what you wanted in the meanwhile. I always encourage everyone to learn other’s code but write their own nevertheless I will send you an example to make it sure you do it too :slight_smile: Took me like an hour or so to make this, hope this helps :slight_smile: