Mana Regeneration for an RPG

Hi, Guys, I’m somewhat new to Gdevelop and I need a way to regen mana over time, it can be just a rough event so I can use it as a base for my implementation, Thank you so much for those who will reply

PS, Really sorry for the bad english

Hello @howard. Implementing Mana is also just like how you implement Health. You will need a variable to hold the value. Then you will increase the value of that variable over time.

Something like that will increase your Mana every frame.

Something like that will increase your Mana over some time delay.


Hi, @Muzan thank you so much, this is very helpful and I finally unblocked myself on my first roadblock

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I prefer to use variable tween in order to not give a way for fps drop changin values. I mean add 1 code definitely get affected with change with fps change. I actually am not sure if tween doesn’t or does change with fps too. :slight_smile: