"Mana Rogue" a Roguelike RPG! Dev Updates and Notes.

Hello and welcome to the “Mana Rogue” Dev Space!

While i was working on “Mana Knight”, i kinda made one of these and i really enjoyed it, it was like my Dev Jornal. So… i decided to make one for “Mana Rogue”!

“Mana Rogue” is a Top Down, Roguelike, RPG and is currently my main development focus!

The development officially started on 20/04/2024, and is now taking its baby steps!

I’v always been a massive fan of RPGs, something that can be seen in “Mana Knight”, because the moment i had a chance to make an “upgrade system” i jumped on it! …so this project is near and dear to me, i can only hope to make it justice! :slight_smile:

…something else that was incredibly exciting, as the idea for “Mana Rogue” came to mind, was creating an extended universe and turning “Mana Knight” and “Mana Rogue”, into a “Mana” series of games, all taking part in the same world, with shared stories! I really cant wait to see what comes from this! :smiley:

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Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:

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I do my best to keep people up to speed, i even show you how my events are set up and how i got there, in case you want to take inspiration for your own games!

The Main Character “Rogue”

Rogue no hood
Rogue enjoys treasure, gold, shinny things and shinnier things.
Main Rogue on the side Idle
Shes a though fighter and treasure hunter, born and raised in the sandy desert.
Rogue Skull Back Small
Rogue is true to her name… a rebel, filled to the brim with moxie and attitude, always quick with a snarky comment and a smirk.


New Update :new:

“Update #3 06/05/2024 - Level Up, Enemy AI, Animations and more…”

Dev Log Video:

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Update #1 29/04/2024 - The First Notes


  • So far i have the movement and animations set up, i started working on the environment and sorted out some of the things that come with it, like collision with walls, depth perception with ZOrder and even worked out how make some hiding places for items!

  • I have melee combat almost worked out and with all the classic traits of an RPG, like “Health Points” based health systems and floating damage numbers! …everyone loves damage numbers :slight_smile:

  • I also started working on some more RPG systems, like an “AP” system, or “Action Points”, basicly something to stop the player from spamming non stop. AP will also be one of the Stats that we can improve, giving the player the ability to attack more often, if he chooses to go that route.

  • I’v also worked out enemy movement… well, the part where they chase you down at least. Proper AI will come a bit later.

  • …and finally, today i got a bit happier with the sword attack, its been one of the things that iv struggled to decide on, but i like the new look and feel of it. Instead of having a focused narrow sword swing, i went with a big, crescent moon area damage. The big sword swing makes the “AP” system feel a bit more fair, yeah you cant spam attacks, but you can be tactical, stack up enemies and do more damage with one hit.

Off course theres still plenty of room for improvements!

Most of this stuff is still all experimental :slight_smile:


New Sword Swing

Update #2 01/05/2024 - MP and a Fireball


  • I’v been doing some polishing on the game to make sure the feeling is right from the start, and one of the things iv been obsessing over is the Fireball attack.
  • I also added in an MP (Mana Points) system to give more depth to our Fireball, this can then later be added to the leveling system or be turned into an upgradable stat.
  • I made sure to give our shinny new Fireball a matching awesome explosion when it collides with the target! I like the bomb explosion from Mana Knight so much, that i decided to make something along those lines for the Fireball.

“Dev Log Video”

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I hope Mana Rouge is successful!

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New dev log update! :smiley:

Good Job! I like what you added.