Interactive "Collapsible" markers

I have no understanding how the forums work, so no clue if this is possible, but if it is…

So… iv been really enjoying making dev journals and dev logs, either as a forum post or as a video on YouTube, but the more i get into it, the more i wish i had a place where i could put it all in an organized manner.

Yes i know i could just use itch or something… but i really enjoy the GDevelop platform, since everything is so user friendly, the dark color schemes are really nice for my eyes and off course getting the community feedback.

So i decided to start a “dev corner” for my new game here on the forums, with all the updates and notes… i just wish i could organize the whole thing.

This is the post:

The feature request

  • Any chance you can add some sort of “folder” style markers that we can give a title to, like “Dev log #12 - 04/11/2024 - New boss battle!”, and then make it so that everything that is typed under it, can later be collapsed, so that people can pick and chose wich sections to read, instead of having a near endless wall of text, pictures and videos to go trough untill they find something interesting.

…basicly… im asking for “Event Groups” for forum posts :slight_smile:

It would be so nice to organize!

Even better if we could make sub groups… that way we could make things like having a main group “Dev Log #41”, then under that one, other groups like “Dev Log #41 Notes”, “Videos”, “Screenshots”, “Play test Links”… and so on…

This would give the forums a whole new level of interaction and usefulness!!!

Could even then be implemented into as a “Dev Log” section or just an added button under the game…

Sort of like theres already a “Feedback” button and a “Buy the dev a coffee”, you could make it, so that when we are publishing to, theres a space to add a “Link to Dev Log” or something like that… and that would created a new button under the game “Check the Dev Logs”… or something along those lines…

So much cool stuff we can do with this!

You could try this:

While writing a reply/post click on the gear icon :gear: and choose “Hide Details”

Following is an example how it will look like:

Example Dev Log 1

Example 1 Text ABC

Example Dev Log 2

Example 2 Text XYZ

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Let me see if this works…

This is awesome!

Hello there, is this how i do it?

Can we make sub folders?

Seems like it!

This is like having christmas early… but santa brought me exactly what i wanted… i feel like a kid again haha :smiley:

Lets try with a video

The video

…ahh okay, videos dont get link with a preview…
What about images…
Just a screenshot…


So, as far as i can tell, the only thing that doesent work is the video link being turned into an interactable preview, but other than that, everything else is exactly what i wanted!!

Glad that I could help you.

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This part of the OP is still relevant tho!

This could be a cool feature to add to!

Instead of making a whole new section just for Dev stuff, like patch notes and updates, we could just have a button to a custom link that sends people to it.

If you want to be secure about the links, than make it so that it needs to be a link and we use the Post as a “Dev space”.

That would work… and then in time, add its own section on, kinda like what does.

You did! a lot! Thanks :smiley:

Im very happy :smiley:

As a workarround idea, you could write your notes to updates in the game description (but it will probably clutter over time).

I think just a specific space for a link would do the trick.

You can already link social media, donations, own website… would be nice to have an extra link per game that just send users to “Dev stuff” place.

But i supose there isnt a lot of people doing this kind of stuff, so it might just be a niche thing…

Check this out!

Now its looking more like what i had in mind…

I mean, from this to a “Dev space” isnt much of a leap, its pretty much there as is.

Would be nice if i could add emojis on the “Hide details” label, it would make it way more “eye catchy”.or custom, like add a :open_file_folder: on the label itself. which gets me thinking, if we had just a couple more tweaks to the forums, for small details like this… we could make some really cool stuff! :smiley: