Manually control platformer current speeds?

Could be useful for stuff like cannons the player can launch out of, knocking back the player or enemies, or performing unique moves like ground pounds, without having to constantly change the physics of the object, or simulate control.

I know the physics engine is a thing, but there are some pretty useful behaviors that come with the platforming behavior that I’d prefer to work with, and I’m sure in the long run, it’d keep making platformers accessible while keeping it flexible.

Wait, I tested the Add a force function, that negates the cannon thing, but still. I feel there are some uses for manually setting current fall/jump speeds.

Please explain clearly what you want to do that is not achievable with the current tools :slight_smile:
Forces should work for everything you said.
And for nicer effects, maybe try the tweens. You should find some tuts on YouTube.

For the most part, this is currently possible via existing actions.

You can set the maximum speed of your platformer character, and then set their acceleration to a number higher than that. That will always set them to whatever current speed you want.

Heeeey, after messing around with Gdevelop more, I think I’d still like to see this be implemented. Buuuut I could understand if it’s more trouble on Gdev’s… dev’s part. And I’m starting to think with advanced maneuvers, I probably should use the physics engine instead?

I’ve been able to do most of the movement options I wanted with what’s currently available in Gdevelop, so yeah, it’d be more of a convenience feature… But I think it’d be a big convenience personally.

One big issue is that, applying forces and tweening don’t interact with the platformer function’s physics. As an example, say you want to do a dash move, and want it feel smooth. Like, after the dash, you’ll decelerate as normal if you don’t keep moving. Applying a force would bring you to a dead stop, and tweening is close, but then there are other issues, like if you want to give the player some influence over the maneuver. (As far as I can tell, tweening overrides any platformer inputs.) And in either case, if you ever needed to base an event off of the player’s current speed for example, forces are kept track of separately from platformer speeds from what I can see, and you can get player speed from tweening at all.
(I guess you could manually keep track of the player’s previous position and do the math from there, but again, convenience.)

I have been able to do all the moves I want through just simulating platformer controls and setting max speeds, but that requires alot of it, having to switch between speeds, etc. And having unique animations for each move makes it a little easier to manage, but it is still a bit unwieldy.