Map and marker system?

Is there a way to create a map system where it creates a new map using an image on the computer hard drive?

I’m wanting something to organize my D&D maps with, and nothing really works the way I like, so I’m trying to develop a program that will create objects based on a png or jpg etc, save them (these are maps), allow map markers, those markers show a nested map, with nesting a map inside it. Each nest with their own markers for the map specifically.

Markers can either bring up a new map (like clicking a town on the world map brings up the town map) or give information on a location on that map (like clicking a marker on the graveyard in a town gives a box with info about that graveyard. but also, clicking on the inn would bring up a map of the inn, which would have an info box with food and room prices, and maybe info about the inn itself.)

Other ideas:
maybe a marker could also allow for images that aren’t maps.
Movable markers to show players and NPCs positions.
(And more I haven’t thought about yet, I’m a little tired)

Good news and bad news: the bad ones are there is no such system and none will ever be developed. Good news is that it is easily implementable by yourself! First create all your maps as objects. Then create an instance if the main map. Create a marker object. Link every marker to a map object with the good animation. I won’t say more as I don’t have much time and that is an entire project for you to think about and to develop.

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Well, that’s a shame to hear.

I have a Construct 2 license but I don’t use Windows anymore, and the pay-per-year model for Construct 3 isn’t worth the money for the little projects I do throughout time.

Is there an alternative I could use that could help me accomplish this goal easily?

All those tools just provide many tools to create things. Creating stuff with them is up to you. Developers do this in their free time, and prefer to implement actually useful features (that are useful for everyone), instead of extremely specific features usable in very limited special cases. As I said you have all the tools it’s up to you now.