Marriage proposal help--make objects appear and disappear sequentially

Hi there,

I’m working on a video game for a proposal that I want to do in a week, so quick replies are appreciated!

I’ve never used GDevelop before, and I’m struggling. I want to make it look like the player character is having a conversation with an npc. The conversation is scripted, so I have 7 speech bubbles that I want to have appear and disappear in order.

Once the player goes up to the npc, I want the first speech bubble to appear. Based on keyboard input (like any key is released), the first speech bubble should disappear and a another one should appear. This should repeat for each text bubble.

The code below is what I have so far, but it never seems to get to talk2.

Thanks in advance!

There appear to be a few problems here:

  1. The very first event will kick every frame while it’s true, so variable Talkstage will get incremented to about 60 within a second. Fix this by using using a “Trigger once while true” condition. Also, you may want to add a condition to check for keypress in the first event.

  2. Then there’s this bit here :

When Talkstage is 1, you show talk 2 and increment TalkStage.
Then, in the very next line, you check if Talkstage i 2 (which it will be, because it just got incremented by 1 in the previous event), so Talk2 is deleted and Talk3 is shown.

And so on.

Fix this by checking Talkstage in decreasing order; TalkStage = 7 first event, Talkstage = 6 next, Talkstage = 5 then next etc.

BTW, good luck, and let us know how the proposal went :smiley:


Thank you so very much! I followed your suggestions, and I got it to work.

Thank you again as I would have never figured this out otherwise.

Update: he said yes! Thank you again :slightly_smiling_face: