Match 3 game GDevelop Vs Other

Hi, I was wondering if it would be too complicated to do a match 3 game in GDevelop instead of another visual scripting program?

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Personally I find the event system of GDevelop the most powerful and most flexible compared to all other options out there including the event system of Construct which is very similar and some might even consider it more advanced because having certain events like ELSE and others but it is more restricted what conditions, expression and actions you can use together in the same event.
In GDevelop there is no such restrictions, you can use any condition, action and expression in any combination inside an event. For that I personally consider it more powerful and flexible than anything else out there except Scratch visual scripting maybe.

However if you are new to GDevelop and game development, it is going to take some time for you to get to the level where you can take advantage of the event system of GDevelop and if you are a Construct user there will be definitely certain events you going to miss that can be worked around in GD but require experience which is going to take some time.

Other engines already have tutorials and examples shared to help with making a match 3 game, so I would say other engines would be easier because someone have already done it and did share it that you can use as a starting point so you don’t need to start from scratch, while In GD you need to start from scratch because as far as I know, nobody done it and share it so far.


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