Match 3 system for a game

Hello! I need to create a match 3 system for my game. I watched this example GDevelop 5 but i don’t understand it fully. Is there any easier way to create match 3 system? Help please.

@davy might be able to help you. Also check this wiki page , Linked Objects Tools Extension [GDevelop wiki]


It depends on the rule you need to match 3 elements. For Bust-a-Move-like games every direction can be taken, but if you want to match in strait lines like in Dr. Mario it will be easier I guess.

How do you want the elements to match?

Thank you for help everyone. Like Dr. Mario, when you click on a cube and if the same two cubes are near it will be deleted.

The bock where the player clicked will be picked. When one block is picked that means the other are unpicked. As no condition can be checked on unpicked blocks, you will have to remember the color and position of the clicked block so you can pick them all again and start checking them.

To remember the blocks you can for instance put an object on them, save there positions or id in variables or tag them with a variable…