Match System in GDevelop

Hello. Is it possible to create a matching system in gdevelop, like the fix wiring of among us. If possible, how to do it? Thank you!!

Use a tiled sprite for the wire, so you can extend it as much as you want.

is this applies also if it is the player dragging it?

Yes, you can position it on the left side, and resize according to the position of cursor/touch.

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I think the only thing that won’t work is the skewing of the sprite. Thats not possible in the engine as far as I know. You would probably need to use a shape painter to make the lines.


It is you need to use collision like BlueWire Is in a collision with BlueFix
Blue fix it the other blue wire
= is collision

And RedWire = RedFix
And then when all are done you can do like
RedWire = RedFix + BlueWire = BlueFix + GreenWire = GreenFix

You understand

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Thank you for the information. I will try thiis.

Thank youu. I will try this alsoo

Yes, I understand thank youuu

Thank you for the responses I will update this if I have more questions