Matchmaking system

Im trying to do a combiend system between firestore and peer to peer events in order to do a multiplayer with a really simple matchmaking that interconnects users.

The idea: check if anything exists in the firebase database. If true, connect to the peer to peer ID. If false, create a new peer to peer match and upload the peer ID into the firestore database.

I can’t find any way to check whether or not there is a value in the database, simply whether or not a specific value exists.

@arthuro555 suggested to do it with the MQTT extension but looks too difficult

How I could make it? Is there any method to do it with firebase?

With other words: Getting a firevbse value, deleting all firebase values in the database and uploading a new value in the database

I believe this is possible with Firebase too.
Try to decompose your problem in distinct steps and fiddle with Firebase to work out each step individually, before combining them to achieve what you want.

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