Matter.js - 2D physics engine for the web

This is an engine with MIT License that would be nice to have included in the future.

The website is here with demos:

I do not understand why it is not installed yet :frowning:

I have tried multiple javascript physics engines, and sincerely matter.js was one of the worst along with physicsjs. Sure, it can be a mistake from my side, but while other engines worked very well, this one was buggy, and lacks lots of constraints. Also the modulation system is… over-modulated, I mean import the engine module is ok, but import a module for the world, a module for shapes, a module for bodies… come on! :smiley:

I’m far from an expect and I will not argue with you on that one Lizard-13 :slight_smile:
I guess I should change that to “something like matter.js”.

I just felt it had a lot of great and useful features and seemed like a complete package that I think would be useful in pretty much every type of game. I’m sure there are many other great physics engines out there.

I will not argue with you on that one Abzence :slight_smile:

The physics engine in GD needs an update, I think about it a long time ago :neutral_face:
The main problem is the GUI I think, but it isn’t easy to improve it. The engine currently lacks custom shapes for HTML5 and constraints, a better object display to fit the shape (object-shape sync), and a better shape editor (create and move points). Finally a constraint viewer that lets you add contraints right in the GUI, instead playing with maths, mass centers, etc. just to make a simple constraint between two boxes at the beginning of the scene.
Switching the library won’t fix all this, but maybe could add functionalities, for example liquidfun adds fluid-like bodies, available for C++ and Javascript, and there are instructions to build for android :slight_smile:

The GUI is being rewritten for web, it’s crazy as hell but seems easier to edit (I’m not a fan of JS-ish crazy stuff, but isn’t hard), it’s a good oportunity to add some GUI improvements for the physics engine. A constraint editor would add a new editor layer that could be impossible to implement right now anyway :confused: