Maximum Aspect Ratio/Maximum Vertical Resolution

Hey y’all,

My game looks great at 1080x1920 (it’s a vertical mobile game) as that’s what I set the project/scene size to be. However, I have both an Android and iPhone to use for testing, both of which don’t have a 9:16 aspect ratio. They’re both slightly taller, so I thought no problem, lets just have the game’s resolution update and change height to scale to the screen size (via the project settings).

And while this works great, I thought I’d ask if it’s possible to have a maximum resolution or a maximum aspect ratio and beyond that it just has black bars?


Well, although unlikely that someone has such a strange screen size, if they do, it may cause the out of bounds parts of the game to be seen.

I hope I’m making sense, to summarise I want my game to be responsive (vertically) for mobile devices but within limits.

Any ideas?

There are plenty of conditions and actions that seem able to handle that through events :+1: