Maximum horizontal size of scene?

I’m doing a html5 horizontal shoot 'em up.

And i have a scrolling layout where i place the enemies objects, tiles, etc, into the scene editor, and scroll them into view with the cameras.
It’s working ok. No problem with performance so far.

But, i want my levels to be long, which means i need to be able to place objects in a very long horizontal axis.
Is there any way to achieve this?

I tried messing aruond with zoom, but then i can’t really place the object on the screen.

If there’s any way around this, let me know, please. And thanks for the great software.

Ok, i figured it out. I can just click on the edge of the screen, independently of the zoom, to keep going right.
I think the allowed size is enough for now, to me.

I figured i would explain it here, in case someone has the same doubt.