Maximum Image Size for Android App

Hello Community! My name is ZeusKronides, or Evangelos. First of all, many thanks to the developers of the software. GDevelop is a great tool for everybody. My girlfriend has designed a digital comic. She is a painter and a graphic designer. Both of us, are audio-visual artists. I helped her make the application of the digital comic she designed. The application is ready and works great on Windows, Mac and Linux. The problem is that on the android version of the application, the images cannot be displayed. I can understand why that is happening. Every chapter of the digital comic, has large images that you can scroll from left to the right, to complete the narration.
My question, maybe has been replied already, but i will ask for help again.
What is the maximum image resolution that can be displayed correctly on android devices, so we can adjust the whole project for making a smooth running android apk?

Thanks for your helping in advance!
Thanks again for the excellent GDevelop! :mrgreen:


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Hi and welcome :slight_smile:
Check this message, 4ian talks about it specifically:

Thank you very much Lizard-13! I think, i have to crop the large image files into smaller, so android can handle the smaller resolution. I have already cropped the images into half pieces. Maybe i must crop them into more pieces.
So, I would like to ask one more question. How can I make those objects (images), when they moved as platform characters on the application canvas, to not fall one into another? Is there an easy way to make every cropped part of the image (comic chapter) to act like a solid platform object, but still can move with the controls of platform character behavior?
I was thinking to make the parts of the image to follow the 1st cropped part of the image, but i didn’t find something for this on the event sheet commands or I am noob enough to not find something in front of my eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, in advance!