MD5 encrypt for secure the web communication

I’ve done a research on the forum and on the wiki also but unfortunately there is no md5 algorithm function on Gdevelop 5.
I think adding the possibilty to use secure communication from Gdevelop to a website will be a nice addition to the engine especially for prevent the hacking of a score or any type of data stored on a web server.

So md5 can be a nice option for it.

Sorry for my bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol I used it at least 3 times already. Just copy paste a Js implementation of the algorithm in a Js block, and in the same block get a variable you want to hash, hash it and update the value

I understand your suggestion but will be better and more productive to have an apposite command for it instead to copy each time the algorithm in the js block.

That is why there are extensions. Make an extension md5, create a fonction, make it take a string and a variable as argument, make a js event that stores inside that var the md5 of the string.