Melee weapon animation only playing first frame

Hey there, I am 100% new to anything related to making games (I don’t even play them! I’m an animator creating a game for a video project), so bear with me…

I want my character to use a weapon by playing a new animation (numbered ‘4’ in my sprite) but it’s only playing the first frame of it. I think I’m following everything this tutorial is telling me to do. I also looked up another similar thread on this forum but it didn’t seem to answer my question or maybe I just couldn’t understand it yet.

Here’s a screenshot of my events with the relevant part circled.

This isn’t happening for any of the other animations for my sprite, including the new one I made for climbing ladders.

You need the trigger once condition.

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As Slash says you need to add a Trigger Once when the key is pressed, is a good practice to add some Object variable like obj_var_is_attacking then change to 0/1 depending on the player attack, that way you can check if key is pressed and player obj_var_is_attacking = 0 then do the attack animation

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