Merge Two Games

Hi I’m new to Gdevelop, and i want to make a Game with Minigames, so i thought, i could switch to my Minigame with a new scene.
To test it i just used the the example projects, but when i switch scene it only shows me red Xs and it wont load the sprits.
I put everything in the same folder, but Gdevelop cant find the assets for the second scene.

What did i do wrong ?

The funny thing is, if I use the assets somewhere else, it will load this one, see the earthblock

How did you create the scene that as all the crosses?

I opened the example “platformer” and a second Gdevelop with an empty project. Then i copied the scene from platformer in my empty project.
Figured it probably needs the assets in the same folder so i copied the assets in my empty project folder.
But Gdevelop cant find the assets on its own.

I’m also interested in this topic

You have to press Game SettingsResourcesScan for Images.
(In the 3 point menu on the right at an already existing image)
Then the copied assets are correctly available within GD.


First. Thank you
Second. It kinda worked and sometimes it doesn’t . It finds the asset in resources but the objects wont update.

For example: objects name is asset/player…something.png and the resources finds the object and I can see the picture in resources. But in the scene the object is still only the placeholder and the name of the assets

The problem is the space in the folder name. And uppercase letters can also be a problem at copying. E.g. in the platformer, in the code there is grass.png but the sprite is called Grass.png and it won’t displayed.
I don’t know if anyone can fix this or if you should be careful with your minigames.

It was only to try if it even works, so thank you for the help.
And I saw its important to have a good folder structure and stuff to save me time later.

Every time you change the name or location of an image in use in your project (or the name in any of the folders that contain it) then you will not be able to read it and you will have to reload it with the new file path, even if the file is the same one that you had in use. Files in use are always based on path and name.