Metronome in Gdevelop 5

Good Morning !! Sorry to bother you, I’m new here and I have a question: How to add a Metronome in Gdevelop 5?

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You mean you want to play a sound at a specified beats per minute ? You can probably just use a timer and calcul on your own the value ?

Example, for 120 BPM, just set the timer to 0.5 sec and it will play the sound 2 times by sec, 120 times per minute (just dont forget to reset the timer).

You can even go with a formula with the timer : 60 / (your desired BPM).

Hope this will help :slight_smile:


Would you like to have the speed of 30 to 240 possible?

Thank you

60/240 = 0,25 sec.
60/30 = 2 sec

All bpm values are possible !