Minimum Requirements

What are the minimum and recommended requirements for games created on GDevelop for PC (Windows, macOS, Linux) and phones (android)?

The requirements actually depend on the games you make.
More resources, bigger resources, more calculations, will require more memory, more RAM and more CPU.
Regarding the OS, it also depends on the export you choose. Web builds probably won’t have the same requirements as native builds.

For Android, see your own topic from last year:

It may have increased in the meantime, though.

I know it depends on the game, but what are the requirements for the game to just launch? For android, as I understand it, this is version 5.1+ (or what?), But what about a PC?

From what I can remember, its the minimum requirements of Chromium.

Minimum requirements of Chromium 100 or newer, and in 99% of cases, minimum requirements of a GPU that supports WebGL. Non-WebGL supporting PCs/mobile devices will launch the app, but will basically run at the speed of smell or crash if the game uses effects.

Edit: this does also mean if Chromium has dropped support and/or blacklisted a GPU for WebGL, it also won’t run, even if WebGL was supported on that device before.

I am exporting my game not to the browser, but to android and all available OSes on the PC, I would like to know the specific video card, processor, how much RAM, etc., if this is of course possible. Thank you.

I dont think it is possible to get that data, as GDevelop does not maintain or control the GPU blacklist/whitelist for Chromium, and it is not publicly made available anywhere.

If you mean the absolute minimum system requirements, it will be whatever the minimum for Chromium is. This isn’t going to give you GPU details, but minimum OS requirements for Chromium/Chrome is listed here: Chrome browser system requirements - Chrome Enterprise and Education Help

Note: Because you’re doing stuff ontop of Chromium, a game’s system requirements are likely to be higher than this, but OS requirements will never be lower that what is listed here. (Meaning that Android 6.0 or newer is needed, not 5.1)

Well thank you :heart::heart::heart: