Missing features in search tool

I’m workin on a medium project and now I have some problem maintening code.
I’m losing a lot of time.
My biggest problem is with the search tool:

  • Is it possible to search a global variable in all screens in one time ?
  • Is it possible to open a windows with all lines that incudes the searched object and click on it to land to the interested point ?
  • Is it possibile to search only one object type (example. if I have a sprite, a variable and a comment named “gun” I find all but I’m looking only for the sprite) ?
  • There is a way to search a variable typing the name in variables scene list and not scroll all of theme ?
  • There is the possibility to search in the debug tab a single variable and not scroll all of theme ?


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Plus add a counter of the searched term.
“MyVar” was found 17 times 1/17 so when you press next should be 2/17