Mobile APK File randomly crashes

Hi! My game runs great on Desktop &HTML build (on desktop & mobile) but the APK file for android is giving me some problems, it’s crashing randomly (as far as I can tell)

When testing through the Network preview it’s never crashed. Only randomly on my android through the APK file. The network preview and html have been great running on mobile.

I did the control-shift-I and found no errors or anything when testing on desktop. I did find these errors (see below) while running the network preview. So my question is, should I be worried about these? if so, how do I do about fixing it? Or if that’s irrelevant to it crashing, any other things I should try?

Help is greatly appreciated!

You seem to be missing some files.
Go to the Resources tab in the project properties and look for colored lines in the list of resources.

Thanks! Would this cause the APK file to crash at all?

Yes, definitely.
Although, I think it would prevent the compilation too. :thinking:

I’m happy I was on the right track. I didn’t seeing anything colored in the resource tab. I was able to fix the missing shooter mp3 track but I don’t see anything on the Arial thing? Any idea what that would be?

Also the yellow warnings mention unexpected ends to JSON files, would that also cause crashes?

Thanks for the help so far Gruk :grinning:

If it’s not the name of a character in your game, I assume it’s the Arial font used by default in GDevelop?
It’s a basic font included in Windows, see if you have it.

Those yellow warnings are not an issue.

So I added an Arial folder and font and those errors have disappeared but APK file is still crashing randomly while playing.

Do you know if there’s a way to pin point this issue?

I don’t think so.
Maybe some memory limits are being reached. :person_shrugging:
On how many devices and versions of Android have you tried?

4 different devices so far. My device has been consistent, haven’t made it through a playthrough yet without a crash.

Maybe you could try testing some example projects or other games made with GDevelop?
Unfortunately, if the crash is random, there’s nothing we can do. You need to figure out when/how this happens.