Mobile equivelant for mousewheel scrolling up/down

i am playing around with the mousewheel function for scrolling up/down.
works on a pc.

what is the equivelant for an mobile device?
so user can “scroll” with his finger…?

You could use Drag Camera with Mouse (or touch) extension. You can choose to drag vertical, horizontal or both, and on what layers.

how to?
step by step please.

I’m at work right now but if no one answers before I get home I’ll throw something up here for you.

Really? Have you event had a look at the extension?

Rather than just ask how to do something in detail, download the extension and have a play round with it? Make a small, new project and test out the extension with it. If you have any questions, ask in this forum.

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Well MrMen is right it’s pretty easy to use. You just install the extension and search for “drag” in your actions. It will ask you what layer, what camera, what direction. Very simple, give it a go you can’t go wrong.

thanks lucky-j.
as a newbie i didnt use any camera yet.
therefore i have to know what to set up in this extension…
what to type in “camera”?
thanks for your patience.

For my camera I put 0 which is the default camera because I’m not sure about other cameras.

I think you can have no condition if you want it to be able to drag all the time. For my condition I put an inverted Touch is pinching because I have the Pinch extension installed for zooming and it will try to zoom and drag if I don’t say that, and the result looks unpleasant.

Also for my condition I put Variable DragStop is false, because I also have some draggable objects and they are impossible to drag if the camera drag is on lol. So I made them trigger the boolean variable DragStop to true if the touch is held down on them, and if DragStop is true and mouse released, then I make it false. Then when the player moves the draggable objects, I can have the camera move when the cursor gets close to the edge of the screen instead. And when they drop them, they can go back to dragging the screen as needed.

So those are some things to keep in mind if you don’t always want the drag on, because I looked but did not see a way to disable it.

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again. thanks lucky-j.
nice to have guys like you in this forum.

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No problem man, give it a few months and you’ll be in here answering all the questions lol.