Mobile Keyboard Extension

Hi! I’m trying to use the mobile keyboard extension, but I would like the keyboard overlap my game. When it pops up my game shrinks to fit the screen. Is there a way to bypass this? I left an extra room at the bottom of my game for the keyboard.

@Bouh you are the creator of it do you know how to help him?

Also been told the extension does not work on iOS.

I can’t debug on iOS nobody around me have iphone :expressionless:

This need to make change in AndroidManifest.xml and it’s not possible with the extension.
If you use cordova manual export you can edit it and follow this article.

I’ll check it. Thanks!

This is sounds like something that 4ian could maybe help with if you ask (both the iOS debugging and AndroidManifest.xml) :thinking:
If he want to target tablet and mobile devices with GD and online build service, it is a very important feature imo especially in commercial games.

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OK. At the moment the presented solution seems a way too complicate to me. I’m implementing a virtual keyboard on the game itself. Thanks anyway!

The real problem is that you need a mac to compile anything/debug anything for apple products. And not everybody wants to buy a mac just for that (especially since it is really expensive) when you can buy for the same price PCs that are much better. The androidmanifest thing is possible but requires to modify the exporter, and this require CXX knowledge, and I think many developpers here just knows how to write javascript (I can’t be sure abouit that that is just my impression)

EDIT: Yeah what I wanted to say originally was that 4ian can’t help for IOS. You just need a Mac Book. (They have free IPhone Emulators bundled with XCode) and that the androidmanifest will probably not be fixed soon but then I lost track.

What I meant is that 4ian is working on a Mac. Or did he switched to a Chromebook? I don’t know :grin:
Not sure if his got an iOS device though.

It is sound like something 4ian could do to make it work at least with the online build service.

The first version of GD was written in C++ and something tells me not even Java is alien to 4ian.

So what I’m trying to say here, as far as I can tell, 4ian do have everything do get this debugged and possibly fixed if he really want it to and because he is currently working on mobile version of GD I think he do :thinking:

But it is totally up to him, I’m not trying to say here what he supposed to do :+1:

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Yeah I didn’t said 4ian can’t help I said most of the other cannot (I think), and the build system would need to be hosted on a mac to support IOS building. I think the build system is on a linux server and uses Docker Containers at the moment we speak.

He had to test it before making the extension available.
So it must work on iOS. I hope ^^
Forget the macbook prof of 4ian the mobile extension is only for mobile :slight_smile:
About this i’m asking me if it’s working on tablet?

First submition of the extension, this is actually in GD. And must working (almost everywhere)

Hi! We are developing math games which require user input. We are playing this on ipad air 2 tablet but the xtension does not seem to work with this though its working great with Android devices.

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Someone with iOS can try to open keyboard with this webpage ?

And tell me which hardware he use for this test.

On the following devices, Keyboard opens but nothing else happens
ios 13.1.3 on iPhone 7: keyboard opens
ios 12.0 on Ipad air 2 tablet: keyboard opens

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Works on my iPhone Xs sw version 13.1.3. So I see keyboard and can type whatever I want, nothing shown.


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Good thank you for your feedback, i will try to implement this code.

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Please continue here :