Mobile screen size

Hi guys i have just tried my game on my bigger mobile and it fits perfect however when i try on a smaller screen mobile it is missing most off the game either side and just showing in the middle like the game size screen is way too big for it.

i have tried everything so that it scales to the mobile but nothing works it just stays too big for the screen and does not scale down to fit the mobile screen?

any ideas please

Learn what is your phone screen ratio.
Example is X 200 and Y 800 under conditions check if is mobile device
And in actions experiment with the options
change the margins,in pixels,of the game’s window
And change the size of the window is not possible to not find what you want

thank you for the reply :slight_smile: i have got it to fit perfect to my big screen phone by changing the pixels etc… and its all good but as soon as i go to a smaller phone its too big for the screen lol because im uploading it to play store i cant have it just work on one size only if you get what im saying

Yes i do
But we have the ability to speak with the engine what to do and when right?
We think oh i can make a game is so easy no is not this is the untold truth bro.
For sure the GDevelop make the process as painless can be but we have so many different platforms to deal with in the end can drives you crazy.
Even with those many options landscape, fit width, length and so on i think is difficult to find a single solution for every situation

So for sure someone with more knowledge maybe can give you the ultimate solution about the screen sizes
Or maybe you can deal with it via conditions for check the phone’s screen sizes and if that do that size if that do that etc

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I have the same problem :cry: