integration? Make modding easier for GDevelop-made games

modio is a pretty cool platform/system that is already integrated with many major engines and platforms to make modding easier, standardized and organized for any game project that supports custom content.

Would be awesome to bring it to GDevelop too, because I’d like to create data-driven games where users can create their own content for my game (new characters, new items, new props, new levels) and turn it into a major part of that game’s appeal.

The biggest benefit would be the mod hosting portal that would make it easy for users to upload, search, rate, categorize and download mods. Currently I’d have to haphazardly put together an amateur portal myself somehow, which wouldn’t have all the great features this system offers.

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Edit: misread their docs explaining on what the sdk is needed for. Disregard.

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The upcoming Steamworks integration will also feature Steam UGC, which is practically the same.


Steam integration sounds awesome, this is exciting news!

I suppose the only benefit of would be that its not reliant on steam (for, GoG, GameJolt and such releases).