Modify tiled sprite color in a cycle [solved]

How I can modify tiled sprite color in a creation cycle?

I mean I’m creting a circle with a cycle but I’m not able to modify the coloration of the tiles created.

I added modify color inside, outside (after creation) the cycle (repeated for every tiles created) and both but doesen’t work.

Where I’m wrong? Sorry for this noobs question and thanks in advance!

You need to show us what doesn’t work (the events), so we can spot your mistake.
The color event should be inside the creation event if you want a different color for each circle.

Hi @Gruk!

Here below!

Did but nothing! I need to change the color when I want but no color change at all.

Try with a white circle.

@Gruk I did and do again right now, no differences.

Your circle is black.
So you can’t change the colors, because it’s black, change the color in white, and after that you can set the color wanted.

@Bouh @Gruk Hello!
Thanks! Now understand. The item I’m creating must be not black if I want to change its color.

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