Modular Gun Grid

How do I…

I want a grid like “upgrade” system for the gun in my game.

What is the expected result

A thing similar to the game “Miner Gun Builder”. Playing the game will give a understanding of what I am after.

Related screenshots

The Bullet ejects from the red square and follows the path of the red lines. It can go through upgrades such as duplicating the bullet or giving it AOE damage or making it have different trajectory’s, ect.

Above ^ is a picture of a ship in Miner Gun Builder as a example of what I am trying to do.

You’ll need to work out when the bullet reaches a particular point on a tile, and then apply an action tot eh bullet based on the tile type

How would I do the grid system? Is there a plug-in for it?

Search the extensions for grid; I think Rectangular grid could help you:


Great timing! I just submitted my grid overlay community extension for review, hopefully it will be approved soon. As the name suggests it creates a grid using the shape painter that can be toggled with a button. It is a great counterpart to the snap to grid extension.

Although seeing as how the scene is already divided into grid cells, I suppose it’s not that useful in this particular case.