Module files support (extension idea)

How about ability to use module files (xm/it/s3m/etc.) in our games? Module files have many advantages over normal music formats like .ogg or .mp3. First of all, they’re usually pretty small - often smaller than mp3 or even ogg-converted version. Also with right lib, like libmodplug list of supported formats is enormous (many of you probably never heard of, but it is in plus, since if you got module in one of those bizarre formats, you don’t have to worry about conversions).

I’ve even found SFML lib for you, so you don’t have to: . It is based on libmodplug which support appr. 20 module formats.

So, any coder willing to take this task? I’d do this myself, but I don’t know how to setup extension development environment on linux, so probably won’t.