more characters created than needed

the problem is that only one object (death) should be created but instead several are created and in the wrong place too

can someone explain what i did wrong (pls try explain in simple terms if not i won’t get it)

thank you thank you

To create only 1 add condition Triger once.
If ball is player than you have to create object(death) at ball.X() and ball.Y()

thanks for responding,

i put inserted trigger once. the player is another object. it is deleted when the death object is created and it is creted at the position of that object.

the thing is is im still getting more characters than wanted

If you upload the project (along with its graphics and other stuff used by the same) then we can take a look at your project an help you.

oh sorry here it is:!vc0zUDyR!_00Inqx2p … NgNmCzCNkI

decryption key: vc0zUDyR!_00Inqx2p5FGN39cV8yEIj1hhcJuDZNiGNgNmCzCNkI

im almost finshed (i think) all that i need to adjust is high score system and sound

if you play it. tell me what you think :smiley:

ps i mispelt raindrops (raindops). :blush: , i know lool


Ok. I understand what you’re trying to do. I understand you use the ball object as a smaller collision mask for the player object. So, when the bomb or drops hit the ball object, you eliminate the player object and creates the death object in its place.

Problem is this:

When the drops/bombs hits the ball object, you create the death object in the player position and eliminate the player object. That happens very quick, even when the ball object is still touching the drop/bomb, so it will happen again, because that’s the condition; and that’s why you have a lot of death objects loading at the same time. The reason why this objects are created in a wrong place is because you’re telling the game to create those death objects in the same coordinates of the player object and the player object was eliminated in the first moment the ball object touch the drop/bomb object. So that coordinates, the position of the player object, don’t exist anymore.

This is my advice:

  • Don’t use the ball object as the collision mask for the player object. You can edit the collision mask of the player object and make it smaller.
  • Don’t use other object for the death animation. Make the death animation part of the player object. Then, when the player dies, don’t eliminate the player object, just set it to the death animation.
  • Before in this thread, another user recommend you to use the “trigger once” action, well USE IT, it will resolve part of the problem.
  • There exists the possibility of another drop falling some pixels above the one that kills the player. So there exists the possibility of a second collision, even using the “trigger once” action, because it will performs the events only once after one collision, but if the ball object stops touching a drop object and then touch another drop object everything that happens in the death algorithm will happen again, even if the player is already dead. So, use a variable to check the first time a drop hits the player, a make those collision relevant only if that variable is unchanged since the start of the scene.

With that you’ll solve the problem. Let me know if you have problems implementing those changes.

fank u!!! i solved the problem

the reason why i used the ball instead of collision mask is because the player will lose even if the ball didn’t hit it. i read in a thread that i should use an object for collision. also i only wanted the player to lose only if the balls hit in the important parts of the body .when i compile it i will make it invisible.

ps what do you think of the game so far good? enjoyable?

I understand the ball object function, but it’s not neccessary. I made something similar in an old game of mine, but later I learn there are more elegant and eficient native ways to achive that. In GD, You can edit different kinds of polygons for the collision mask of an object (by animation or even by frame), so you can make only some parts of the body of the player “touchable”.

The game seems good, but I feel the rythm is very uncomfortable and that can f*** up the gameplay. Why if you make the drops fall slower but more constantly instead of falling so fast at “waves”? It’s a small change but, in my opinion, it can make the game better. Now, the user only have a fraction of second to react to the drops/bombs falling at once and then have to wait until the next wave of drops/bombs falling. If you make the drops/bombs fall constantly but a little slower, you’ll have a more consistent gameplay, where the user is always reacting to something, always playing, moving… and having an opportuniy to win.

thanks for your feedback.

i took your feedback into account. i’ll ask more people what they think and if they think it too fast. i just made it fast cos it will be hard that way

Yes, I understand but have to wait for the next wave of drops/bombs is boring. Drops/bombs must be falling always to keep the player busy. Speed or density of drops/bombs can be an increasing value to make the game more interesting. That’s my point.

Good luck!