More effects and options for Tiled Sprite Object

I think it would be helpful and more powerful if the Tiled Sprite Object had more options like it’s own animations or effects like the regular Sprite Object does. It’ll allow for more freedom especially with my Sprite Sheet extension.

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I don’t get why this isn’t getting more attention. All I wanted was a response saying “Hey we hear you” or something. But it’s being completely ignored for no reason. I hate to come off as annoying but I Really want this feature

There are lots of ideas and requests that don’t receive any acknowledgement at times, but there probably is a reason (unknown to us). All of the contributors are volunteers, after all, and work on this in their spare time, which includes keeping up with the forums. It generally takes quite a bit of time for them to consider and add new features though.

Your idea is good though, IMO. I think someone else requested the same a while back.

Sorry if you wanted a response before. I think it could be possible but I am not sure and it would require massive work. But from what I remember, the two objects are quite similar so this shouldn’t be really difficult to adapt

can you elaborate a bit? What features exactly. What image resource would an animated tiling sprite take? Like a frame strip?

Can you also link to your extension too :slight_smile:

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