More simple way to upload app icons

If in the current version we must upload one by one icon ( according tho the dimension ), I have an idea to upload all icons in only one step, with design and renaming each icon according to required dimension before upload them. And system read them automatically. Maybe like this :

icon-512.png, icon-192.png, icon -256.png, …

I think it will save time to upload app icons. Thank you.

This feature request is already how the app works. You don’t have to upload each icon. By default it automatically generates all of the smaller sizes for you.

The only exception would be if you’re using the web demo, but as it’s a demo it’s not intended to be fully featured or for full game dev.

When you go to upload icons, there’s a large button at the top labeled “Generate Icons from a file”. This will generate all of the icon sizes for you, so long as your source image is 512x512.

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