More Variables Problems

Hi all. Im a bit stuck on trying to get a msg pop up when i dont have enough cash to buy a character.
Basically. I have a scrolling character select screen. when that character is highlighted. there bio and name appear on screen. (Haven’t implemented this yet) atm im just using multiple text boxes to do that. also. im using a scene variable which has all character data stored in it. like skills and how much the character costs. when the character is selected. it puts them into a global variable teams.1 then the next into teams.2 and so on. (max = 4) but somewhere in there i need a “not enough cash” text but i just cant work it out.
Project Files

In which scene is it?
Edit: I think I got it

Sorry. Its in hireteam003

Hireteam 004? (20 char)

Yeah. Soz not currently at PC. I’m guessing

Bumping this thread just to get it noticed.

I’ve had a look at this, and I can’t get the controls t work. Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t seem to select another character. I can get the left and right arrows to highlight, and if the right arrow is highlighted and I press the right arrow key, highlighting disappears, and nothing seems to change. Clicking on the character does nothing either.

What are the controls for this scene?

n/m, I got it. Arrow keys and Return/Enter.

But my comment still stands about pressing right arrow (keyboard) when the right arrow button is highlighted. I can’t get the arrow buttons to highlight again.

When the character selection changes, why can’t you check whether the character fee is greater than your banked cash, and display the message by making the NoCash object visible and disabling the Hire button?

Sorry, I was sleeping. The right arrow has an extra object variable to go right because I had another button that I removed. And iv tried to disable the hire button and display no cash but it just don’t work. If you’ve managed to get it to work. I’d love to know how

Instead of hiding or disable the button just compare the opacity like

Compare two numbers Money > ItemPrice
—> Button opacity = 255
Compare two numbers Money < ItemPrice
----> Button opacity = 120

So to buy something
Left click pressed
If mouse/touch is on Button
Button opacity = 255
Trigger Once

I’ll give it a try. I won’t be home for another 4 hours. Will you still be about? Also. I’m on gdevelops discord if its easier