Mouse Button or Touch Consistency

In Conditions we have
Mouse button pressed or touch held
As opposite condition we have
Mouse button released (missing information about touch being released)
Which can lead into confusion where is condition for touch ended?
Or even if it is not about confusion then still to be consistent there should be some text in
Mouse button released (HERE about touch ended)

Keep in mind english is not my native language
So for me many things sound ok even so if they should not

And so after we add that condition with
Mouse button pressed or touch held we end up with

Condition in events sheet
Touch or “button here” mouse button is down

Then what would be the opposite condition in events sheet?
Touch or “button here” mouse button is up?
For me after translating it does sound OK
But i am pretty sure in english this just sound stupid and would not fit
Touch ended or “button here” mouse button is up?
Would make more sense?


I agree, there is room for improvement here. I’m a native english speaker and I’ve always found it confusing. When touch is not mentioned in the mouse button released condition it seems like there is no condition for it. This would be even more confusing for a beginner. I don’t even know if touch up/ended does work with mouse button released though. Is that what the multi touch conditions are for.

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If you have Move Mouse with Touch Screen Enabled, Both Releasing the Mouse Button or Removing the Touch work the same. (You can even hide the cursor and it still works)

If you disable the Move Mouse with Touch Screen, it does not.

I haven’t used the Multitouch Options, so I’m not sure what that process would consist of.

Example from today that it do needs consistency

Gladly user figured out it