Move camera down as the player descends

Hi, I have a problem in platform game, I’m creating a level in cavern in wich the player is going down but I don’t know how to make camera keeps following the player as he keeps going down cause if I set camera limits so down the camera centers the player and the top part of the area the player is in is out of screen, I’d love to keep the camera focusing the player in centerX but bottomY so the complete area is visible on screen.

Did I explain myself?

I wolud like the creen follows the player in this same way as the player goes down:

Thanks, I hope there’s a way to do it.

Solved thanks! if anyone is interested how to, please reply this topic

I’m interested ! :slight_smile: can you give a screenshot ? thx :slight_smile:

Is the code in red box, but actually I didn’t use it cause the camera jumps with the player and I don’t want it so I used coordinates

Have you the « default » code with the player jumping ? Cause i’d like that the camera follow the player jumping :slight_smile: thx :slight_smile:

yes, the important part of the code is “player.CenterY()+100” where the +100 sets how below the camera stays