Move camera on iPad or Android

In windows, I can tilt the camera up and down. But on iPad and android the camera stays on one z elevation. In my game there were three milk bottles, two beside each other and one in the middle on top. But because I could not drag the camera up on iPad and android, I had to put the bottles side by side.

Is there a way to drag the camera up?

On iPad and Android the player has to wait until the target is at camera left to shoot it.

Now i am having the same panning problem with the buttons for the car game. I would like to raise the signs or pile them on top of each other so you can see more of the track.


This is the code for that works in Windows to move the camera.

I was thinking that I may have to add a “move the z elevation” of the camera after i cast a ray onto the object??? But the cast a ray doesn’t reach the bottle on top, so not detecting the object.

Or maybe I can add a 3d jump to the camera movement???