Move object physic engine

hi guys i’m experimenting with physics a top down game. i am trying to learn by examples but i can’t understand some things.

  1. how to add a corner force to the “prova fisica” object up to playerhitbox
  2. how to handle a bullet collision? the latter seems to work with the code I am attaching below.

I’m afraid I can’t help because I don’t understand.
Your title says without physics, your text says with physics, I don’t know what you mean in #1, and for #2, you seem to ask a question and give the answer.

Can you explain the game? Perhaps it will help :slight_smile:

Sorry, english is not my first language.
What I meant is that I am trying to make enemies with physics, so I want them to chase the player and take knowckback. “Provafisica” is an object with the physics and I want it to chase the player. I tried to apply the physics to the enemies but when I do they dont move. Can you help me?

OK… you are using angular force, this is used to rotate objects.
I think you need to use one of these:
And use the player’s position as destination.