Move on from Text based rpg random action [Solved-ish]

I am trying to have an emery do a random action (Attack, Heal, Nothing), and then have it not advace untill the “next” buttion is clicked, so the player has time to understand what is happening.

It should display the result, and then go back to the main text after the next buttion is clicked.

It displays the result.

The condistons and such

(I don’t even know why the em = true condistion works, it shouldn’t, but when I have something turn the var to true, it doesn’t work, so, yeah, and it’s a mess because this is me trying to fix it, the em and displ vars are the only reason it works as well as it does.)

I can look at your events when I’m at my PC but just a tip, you can use the repeat a text expression to repeat the S’s and other letters instead of typing them out individually.

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It’s possible that some of your actions are making other conditions true. Since click events aren’t updated until the next frame, all of the other events are tested. The extra Booleans are probably preventing the chain reaction or domino effect from happening.

Okay, so, if I don’t have the em boolean it just keeps repeting the action untill “Next” is clicked, and if I don’t have the displ boolean it doesn’t display the result, it just goes right back to the Main text, leaving the player without any knowlege of what happened besides the stats changing, and the emery.hit/heal/nothing was added trying to fix the problem and they did nothing, so, how can I fix those two problems without those booleans? (I can just remove the ones that don’t do anything.)

I was wrong, displ is what makes the Choose::RandomString work at all, without it, it just loops the player’s turn.

It’s tough for me to tell. I would try adding some trigger once conditions to the lines without the clicked conditions if they’re only supposed to happen once… I’m wondering if they’re triggering across multiple frames.

I just mentioned to someone else that I like to add a play sound action to events as a way to see if and when the event is being triggered. I’ll place it on a line and then just keep dragging and dropping it to test everything.

So that makes it no longer loop, but it still doesn’t display without the booleans, and now the turns happen simataimsly, which, isn’t bad, I could work with that, but it isn’t what I was going for.

That’s a good idea, will be doing that from now on.

I figured out what was wrong, not how to fix it, but what is wrong

Everytime the text goes back to Horse+ ecause of a buttion click it turns to “You hit” and deals damage, so both turns happen at the same time, and the emery’s attack doesn’t get displayed.

I guess I could have it advae to the main text based on time, but as a slow reader myself, that sounds really bad for accesiablity.

It sounds like it’s going to take some trial and error until you get the right combination of conditions.

Yeah, that’s what I was worried about, welp, guess I am gonna have to subject myself to a few days of headache, thanks for the help.

Okay, so, at the cost of having to redo everything with the combat, I have at least found a workaround, I have a differnt buttion for hitting now, and when it isn’t combat. it gets yeeted off screen, and during combat/player turn, the next buttion gets yeeted, and they just change places when needed, a lot easier then trying to figure out the perfect order of things, I will see later in dev if it fecks up the speed of the game, but for now YEET!

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