Move slider on phone

Hiiiiiii, I’m modifying the ball bouncer game template to create a prototype educational game for a school project, but it doesn’t work on mobile. Which effect/behavior is helpful for it? I want the slider to be movable with a fingertouch.

This is what the current events are.

Try to break down the task:
On mobile, you want to make the paddle follow the finger left and right.

→ It should only happen when the device is a mobile device
→ Left and right is the X axis
→ The paddle can be positioned on the X axis
→ The cursor X axis position can be queried through expressions

Now try to think about what kind of actions, conditions and expression would be useful and necessary for this, search for them in the action/condition/expression selectors, and assemble them accordingly.
I’ll let you try to do that it by yourself, as spoon-feeding the solution wouldn’t help learn GDevelop as well. If you still do not find the solution, please tell so that I can show the solution.

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Thank you! I’ll try it this weekend and get back to you. Thanks a bunch!