Move stopped object

My players move only left and right, the player stop at the collision with other object (for prevent leaving screen),
but when i want move it to the opposite direction i can’t!
How can i restart a stopped object to move again?

With variables brother for example

Hi !
With what i understand ,maybe you should use something like that :

Mur = Wall which is a sprite.

Tell me if it works,

see you

Thank you sooooo much Brother !

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You are welcome :wink:

hi Aurel222, I tried it but i can’t find “Move Away from” Action
thank you

Τhe move away is better for another things like do away from a wall or enemy or explosion

You are right. The thing is to make a invisible wall on sides.

You can find it :
Common action for all objects/Position/Separate Objects

Anyway, pleased that DarkHeliosGames found a solution for you.

enjoy !

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thank you very much Aurel222

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