Move the Add Parameter in extensions edition

Hi mates I wonder if some of this changes can be implemented in the future versions of GDevelop
Is just to make the Add Paramter button floating or add a new button in the topbar, something like this.

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I’d like an [add a parameter] added to the 3 dot menu on the right of each parameter.

That’s nice one too, maybe like this

I was thinking of the 3 dots at the end of each parameter. I don’t like adding a parameter to the bottom and then repeatly clicking [move up]. It would be nice to insert it right where you want it. Also maybe if the parameters were dragable.

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I love these ideas!

  1. Lock the “Add parameter” button to the bottom so it doesn’t move when we scroll. This is something that we have improved in other places in GDevelop, such as the list of animations of a sprite.

  2. Adding an option to “Add a new parameter…” from the three-dot drop-down menu of parameters. This would enable inserting parameters in the right place. GDevelop already offers this type of functionality in several areas, such as “Add a new object…”

  3. Add the ability to drag-and-drop parameters to reorder them. I think a drag handle could be added to the left side of the text “Parameter #1”. I think this would be very useful!

  4. Any actions that change the re-ordering of parameters must also edit the numbering in the extension sentence so creators don’t have to manually update it (this has bitten several of us in the past; we forgot to edit the sentence after moving parameters)

I support each of these ideas, but I’m not sure how easy/hard they are to implement nor the priority they will be assigned. @UlisesFreitas it might be a good idea to submit a new GitHub issue and link it to this forum post.

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@tristanrhodes is done check here if you want me to remove what you wrote just let me know.

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